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New Brand Identity

Friulsider is proud to present its completely renewed BRAND IDENTITY.

Friulsider is proud to present its completely renewed BRAND IDENTITY.

A renewal that confirms the constant commitment over the years to the enhancement of the Friulsider corporate image to reaffirm and to proudly relaunch its own distinctive values in communication today and in the future.
A renewal that seeks to further consolidate the brand with end-users, those which Friulsider has always considered as OUR CUSTOMERS, as users of what we produce and you promote on the market.
A renewal therefore that is not purely a designing of a new logo, but a complete restyling of all corporate communication materials:
A new logo, expressing the values of substance, solidity and corporate dynamism.
A new communication concept, displaying the traits of a worldwide company who is proud of being a FACTORY.
New packaging, uniting a modern and refined design with a strong family-feeling.
A new Web site, a dynamic container of the whole new Friulsider world.


With the aim of maximizing alignment and support with its trading partners, Friulsider scheduled the launch of the renewed brand identity project for September, allowing sufficient time to enable the adoption of all new communication materials by the end of the current year.
We kindly ask you to replace all the "old" Friulsider materials you are currently using and in particular to update as soon as possible any Websites and any E-Commerce Platforms.

New materials are available in this section of the Friulsider web site:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Friulsider Marketing Department for any clarifications.

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