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Code of ethics

231 Model: organisation, management and control

With the resolution of the 24th July 2017 the Friulsider Board of Directors has adopted the Organisation and Management Model, planned by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the related company Code of Ethics.
In order to ensure legitimacy, transparency and correctness in the implementation of its activities, FRIULSIDER considered it was necessary and in compliance with its policy to adopt the organisation, management and control Model, compliant with the rules of Legislative Decree 231/2001.
The Code of Ethics is the set of values and fundamental principles that FRIULSIDER takes inspiration from in the implementation of its activities and relationships, both internal and external; it includes the general principles and the behaviour rules, to which positive ethical values are recognised.
Through the Code of Ethics FRIULSIDER takes on commitments and ethical responsibilities in the management of business and company activities at each level, following the licit interests of shareholders, workers, customers, trade partners and collective, that are interested in its activity, in order to prevent illicit and irresponsible behaviours in a context of legality, correctness, transparency, privacy and respect of the individual’s dignity.
FRIULSIDER has also established a Surveillance System which has to monitor the correct working, the effectiveness and the compliance with the organisation, management and control Model and the Code of Ethics

Violation of the Organisation and Management Model ex Legislative Decree 231/2001 warnings
Violations of the 231 Model warnings can be forwarded by e-mail to:
or by closed-envelope letter to the address:
Organismo di Vigilanza c/o Friulsider SpA
Via Trieste, 1 - San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) Italia

Code of Ethics
General section

Company certifications

Quality and environment

FRIULSIDER has always interpreted the concept of quality as an integrated system that includes, in addition to standards and production performance, worker safety, environmental sustainability and the accuracy of customer service.

The company’s history is a path of continuous improvement, for an integrated Management System based on international voluntary standards:

- Quality Management System
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

- Environmental Management System
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Quality & Environmental Management System Policy
Workplace Health & Safety Policy


A team of highly experienced specialists works in the in-house analysis laboratory: a cutting-edge area where rigorous tests are performed on any type of base material and on every type of product, equipped for the full scale ETA testing procedure and also equipped with a cracked concrete testing facility.

Furthermore, Friulsider collaborates with leading worldwide universities for the analysis and the development of new fixing solutions.


Metal production

The high production capacity makes Friulsider a true fixing factory: in fact, it has a total annual production of 4.000 tons of metals such as carbon steel, A2 and A4 stainless steel, brass and aluminum.

Friulsider internally manages all metal processing:

  • - Cold forming of metal anchors such as anchor bolts , standardized and special bolts
  • - Stamping of metal sheets for expansion clips for through fixings, sleeves and shields for metal anchors, washers and components
  • - Complete production of selftapping and selfdrilling screws, bimetal selfdrilling screws and customer designed special screws

Injection moulding

Thanks to an automatic 3 shifts non-stop system, Friulsider's injection moulding activities reach a total annual production of 600 tons. The automatic plastic injection process can also be carried out without supervision and allows the processing of materials such as Nylon PA6, PA6.6 and Polypropylene PP.

On all processes, Friulsider performs rigorous systematic checks on the humidity content of the finished product and the qualitative compliance of the raw materials with defined specifications.

Assembly department

Friulsider uses advanced systems for the automatic assembly of all light, medium-weight and heavy duty anchors, complete with an automatic in-line quality control system.

Packaging Department

The packaging operations are performed by complete packaging process lines from the product to the warehouse. The blister packaging is completely automatic. The flexibility of the packaging system allows kitting and adaptation to any format, even for small production lots or private labels.

Logistic Department

The Friulsider warehouse is made up of over 12.000 pallet spaces and is equipped with an optimized voice picking and bar code system which allows deliveries to be managed to over 3.500 partners worldwide in a quick and efficient manner and also to prepare 40-foot containers in maximum of 7 working days.

Technical Assistance

Friulsider offers a pre and post sales service which includes on-site and in-house training courses on specific topics, and targeted consultancy for all technical or installation issues.

Furthermore, Friulsider offers its customers the advanced FIX CALC Engineering Software, a 3D design system that the company has helped to develop, designed to calculate the loads and the number of anchors needed in each project.

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