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Request for intranet area access to download Friulsider digital materials

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I, the undersigned (hereafter the applicant), as owner / legal representative
hereby request the authorization to use Friulsider’s S.p.a. figurative registered mark (hereinafter referred to as “Logo”) as well as the figurative registered mark of Simpson Strong-Tie’s Co. Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Logo”) and textual and graphic materials issued by Friulsider S.p.a. (hereinafter referred to as “Materials”) stored in the restricted area of the company’s website, including but not limited to: packaging, page layouts, product pages, 3D renderings, publicity pages, front pages, merchandising, catalogues, lists, CAD drawings and/or materials of any sort, in any format, issued by Friulsider S.p.a. to promote their products, exclusively for the promotion and marketing of Friulsider’s products in the company’s relevant market territory, in compliance with the following terms and conditions:
1. The present authorization, valid until the 31st December of the year in which the authorization has been obtained, does not grant any right and/or is not an exclusive license for the use of Friulsider’s S.p.a. Materials and of Friulsider’s S.p.a. and Simpson Strong-Tie’s Co. Inc. Logo.
2. The Logo and the Materials, authorized only and exclusively for the promotion of Friulsider’s and Simpson Strong-Tie’s products, shall be used following the guidelines contained in the Brand Bible published on Friulsider’s web site . Violations of the aforementioned guidelines provisions entails the immediate revocation and withdrawal of the present authorization, without prejudice to further compensation for damages.
3. The present authorization does not enable the applicant to modify and/or amend in any way the Logo and/or the Materials. The applicant, in order to use the Logo and the Materials on its own materials, shall submit to Friulsider ( a draft copy of its proposed materials, which may not be published, disclosed and/or disclosed without specific written approval by Friulsider. Publishing, disclosing and/or divulgating any sort of material containing the Logo and/or the Materials without Friulsider’s approval constitutes a violation of the present authorization which shall be considered immediately revoked and withdrawn, without prejudice to further compensation for damages.
4. Images contained in some of the Materials are property of third parties and are used by Friulsider S.p.a. under regular license. The Applicant is explicitly forbidden to make any use of the individual images contained in Friulsider’s Materials. Any use of the images made by the Applicant without previous purchase of a regular license from the owner of the image’s rights constitutes a violation of the present authorization and will entail the immediate revocation of the same authorization, without prejudice to the faculty of Friulsider S.p.a. to seek further compensation for damages.
5. It is strictly forbidden to grant the use, assignment or total or partial sub-licensing to third parties of the aforementioned Logo and/or the Materials and/or this authorization. It is prohibited to use the Logo and/or the Materials in contexts and for reasons other than those for which the present authorization was granted.
6. Friulsider S.p.a. reserves the right to revoke and withdraw the present temporary authorization if it considers, at its sole discretion, that it may result in injury or damage to its good name and reputation, as well as Simpson Strong-Tie’s Co. Inc.’s, on the market.
Friulsider S.p.a. also reserves the right to seek all legal remedies available in order to protect its rights in case of non-compliance with the present terms and conditions and/or its violations, and will seek compensation for damages.
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