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Safe use of diisocyanates

Training required for industrial and professional users

On the 4th of August 2020, the EU published a European restriction on diisocyanates under the REACH Regulation (EU 1907/2006) to prevent potential sensitisation to these substances, which are typically present in uncured PU products such as PU adhesives, sealants and foams.

The new restriction requires additional labelling and training for professional and industrial use of products containing ≥0.1% monomeric diisocyanates. The training is mandatory as of the 24th of August 2023 and must be renewed every five years.

PU adhesives and sealants are versatile and safe when used correctly. They are used for many applications in construction, transport, assembly and many other areas.

The training material is made available by Friulsider via the following platform:


In order to take part in the training, it is necessary to have a valid email address, where a confirmation request for participation will be sent.

The training will cost 15 Euro per user/certificate.
After successfully completing the course and passing the final test, you will be issued with a certificate valid for 5 years.

Friulsider S.p.A. will not receive any compensation for the activities provided by the training body, which retains full ownership and responsibility for the activity itself.

We would like to remind you that the training does not replace or modify any other health and safety requirements, it is additional. The training requirement is mentioned on the packaging to inform users of the products involved. Please note that this restriction relates to the employer's responsibility to provide suitable safety training to its employees who use products with diisocyanates.

To ensure that professional users are also informed when purchasing retail products, Friulsider has included this information on all its products. Training is only required for professional and industrial users, while retail (DIY) users only need to adhere to item 56 of the REACH restriction, which requires wearing the protective gloves provided in the PU product packaging.

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